February 10, 2020
Vivian presented her organic student seminar on "Nitroxide-Containing Polymers as Contrast Agents in Magnetic Resonance Imaging."

October 14, 2019
Dan presented his organic student seminar on "Closed-Loop Recyclable Plastics."

September 17, 2019
Yintao's paper is online in ACS Macro Letters! [LINK]

September 4, 2019
Pesach and Wendell's paper is accepted to Biomacromolecules! [LINK]
Graciela and Eric G.'s paper is online in Macromolecular Bioscience! [LINK]

September 1, 2019
Eric G.'s paper is online in JACS! [LINK]

August 26-28, 2019
At the ACS in San Diego, Tim gave lectures in POLY and PMSE symposia on "Unique and Complex Polymer Architectures," "Design, Synthesis & Engineering of Polypeptides for Biological & Biomedical Application," as well as "Future of Biomacromolecules at a Crossroads of Polymer Science and Biology." The last symposium commemorated the 20th anniversary of the ACS journal Biomacromolecules.

August 8, 2019
The Deming Lab welcomes undergraduate Alexandra Bell to the group!

July 12, 2019
Tim presented on "Multifunctional Diblock Copolypeptide Hydrogels for Biological Studies" at the Micro- and Nanotechnologies for Medicine Workshop at UCLA. Go, Tim!


June 14, 2019
Alex, Pesach, and Eric presented at the chemistry department's Organic Graduate Symposium. Congratulations, Dr. Wollenberg, Dr. Perlin, and Dr. Raftery!

March 15, 2019
Alex and Pesach's paper is online in Biomacromolecules! [LINK]

February 20, 2019
Yintao gave his PhD defense seminar. Congratulations, Dr. Sun!

February 8, 2019
The Deming Lab presented a poster for Bioengineering Research Day.

Research Interests

Research in the Deming group is focused on synthesis, processing, characterization and evaluation of biological and biomimetic materials based on polypeptides. These materials are being studied since they can be prepared from renewable resources, they can be biocompatible and biodegradable, and possess unique self-assembling properties. We utilize innovative chemistry techniques to synthesize materials with properties that rival the complexity found in biological systems. The polymers are then processed into ordered assemblies, which are characterized for both nanoscale structure as well as biological function. This interdisciplinary approach stimulates innovations and ideas which direct this research into new, exciting areas.

Timothy Deming

is a professor in the Bioengineering Department as well as the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.

Office: 4121C Engineering V

Our lab

Rooms: 4030 & 4031 Engineering V

Deming Laboratory space (2000 ft2, UCLA) is located in the Engineering V building which was completed in 2010. Primary equipment includes:

- Inert atmosphere glove boxes
- Schlenk manifolds
- Eight fume hoods
- Zeiss Axiovert 200 DIC/Fluorescence Inverted Optical Microscope
- GC
- Polarimeter
- OLIS circular dichroism
- Lyophilizer
- Solvent purification columns
- Centrifuges
- Analytical balances
- Gel permeation chromatograph (with refractive index and multiangle Wyatt DAWN DSP light scattering detector)

And numerous miscellaneous items which make up a modern laboratory for synthesis and characterization of chemical intermediates, peptides, and polymers.


Sebastien Lecommandoux, Laboratoire de Chimie des Polymeres Organiques

Michael Sofroniew, UCLA Department of Neurobiology

Gerard Wong, UCLA Departments of Bioengineering and Chemistry & Biochemistry

Z. Hong Zhou, UCLA Department of Microbiology, Immunology, & Molecular Genetics